Should I have my radio converted or restored?

It depends on how much time you spend in the car. If the car is rarely used, a restoration to original is sufficient. If you use the car frequently, you might be interested in upgrading your radio to provide modern sound and features.


My radio that I want converted is AM. How do I tune in FM stations?

Your radio retains its original appearance and the 5 pre-set buttons, if available, will work in either AM or FM. Simply select the FM stations you consistently listen to and lock it in. The station knob works as well, so you can manually tune in a desired station.


What is a reproduction radio and how is it useful?

For people who do not have an original core, a repro radio offers a new, stock-looking radio with the latest technology in a very small package. Additionally, a reproduction radio is used by car collectors when the dash area is small, there was no original radio in the car, or the owner wants to keep the original core and install a look-alike radio. The smaller size provides room under the dash if you plan to upgrade to electric wipers or aftermarket air conditioning. Only certain years, makes and models of repro radios are available.


How much will a restoration cost?

Prices for restorations vary. Please refer to the chart under “Restorations” at the left. Also note that prices are subject to change depending on the condition and needs of the radio.


How do I pack the radio?

Take the knobs off the radio—knobs can impact the shipping material, damaging the shafts. As a result, the price of restoration or conversion will be more than anticipated.

Enclose the radio in packing material. If you use plastic peanuts, wrap the radio in cellophane to keep the small pieces of plastic out of the radio. Inflatable plastic “cushions” are not advised.

Pack the radio in a box big enough to absorb any shocks that happen in shipment.

Download the shipping form found on the website under ‘shipping,’ or enclose a note in the box stating:

Shipping information
Telephone #
Make and year of car from which the radio came
Kind of work you want done, i.e. RESTORATION or CONVERSION