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More power, more features than ever before!

These conversions are made to fit inside the original radio, so they look and feel correct when installed in the dash. We use your face, case, and tuner assembly. When you get the radio back, it will look right, fit right and even feel right. And if it is Retro, it IS right!

Information about the Conversion

Original electronics are replaced with a new high power digital stereo receiver designed to work with the original mechanical tuner and controls

Any analog radio, any year, any model, 6 or 12 volt can be converted

All original functions are fully operational, including Wonderbar, Town & Country, or other signal seeking tuners; crystal controlled tuning eliminates drift

Switching between AM and FM bands done by turning the radio off and then back on again when the radio did not originally have an AM/FM switch

Balance and fader controls are easily adjusted using a unique option that allows the tone control to be used for multiple functions on radios that did not originally have a balance or fader control

Pushbuttons can be set for AM or FM stations using the same method that was used originally

4 BTL amplifiers are capable of delivering 45 watts RMS each - that’s 180 watts RMS maximum output power! (14.4 Volts, 4 ohm load, 1 kHz).

Radios can be configured for 1, 2, 3, or 4 speakers if powered from a 12 volt system.

Can be programmed for North American or European channel spacing

Can be configured to use the original (100 ohm) faders if available

Original case is bead blasted and/or painted when necessary

Face, dial, buttons are polished and cleaned



All radios are equipped with RCA inputs and the necessary control lines 
to plug into a CD player or a satellite radio! 

For Example:


This is a 1955 Ford radio that has been converted to stereo. The appearance as viewed from the passenger compartment remains original, with all controls functioning as designed. Inside, the chassis which contained the tubes and transformers has been removed and replaced with a new, modern digital stereo receiver and 180 watt RMS 4 speaker amplifier. The original antenna connection and all “up front” controls are retained. The original mounting is still in place so it goes back in the car the same way it came out. A tiny LED has been embedded in the dial background that indicates status by changing colors for various conditions. AM is red, FM is green. It also functions as a tuning indicator, changing from dim to bright when a station of sufficient strength is tuned in. The LED also changes from green to yellow when the receiver locks on an FM stereo station. 1 speaker (mono) systems are recommended where adding a second speaker is not desirable or practical. When the balance control is set all the way to the right channel and the fader control is set to the front, the radio will enter the mono mode. CDs and/or satellite radio will also be in mono. If more speakers are added later, stereo operation will automatically be restored when the balance control is adjusted.


6 volt electrical systems cannot provide 180 watts! 6 volt radios can be converted with reduced audio specifications. They should not drive more than two speakers.

Cost of a conversion

If your car has a 12 volt system, usually the cost is $395 for a conversion. Older car radios 1932-1950) may need machining, so call for pricing. If you have a 6 volt system, a power booster is needed to bring it up to 12 volts, which adds $100 to the price of the conversion. If your radio needs a power booster, you will receive an additional line out in case you want to power a satellite radio or a GPS unit.